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Youth Club Taking Over Men's League

I cannot speak highly enough of the block of young talent currently expanding within ISM.

Close to home and in many and varied parts of the world, our scouting and recruitment network seems to have unearthed so many exciting, professional and determined individuals.

These are very encouraging times for the company and its band of merry men.  I refer to them this way because I have always stressed the importance of enjoyment and particularly in what they do on the course.   A happy golfer is one who has more chance of doing well and we are currently surrounded by many smiling faces.

I am talking in general terms and across the ISM board, but I have no hesitation in pointing to one of our younger players in particular as a prime example of how commitment, energy and hard work have their own rewards.

Anybody who can grab a headline in a British newspaper when they are from outside these shores is definitely heading in the right direction so step forward and take a bow Joost Luiten.

Joost is from just across the North Sea in Holland, but his English is as impeccable as his golf.   He is one of many within our ranks that the world of golf will hear much more of in the near and distant future.

When you consider that Joost had already beaten the same player in the group stages who eventually went on to win the Volvo World Match Play at The London Club, then third place was the least he deserved.

And to claim third he had to beat ISM stable mate George Coetzee which he only did in a play-off.  George also performed admirably given that he was the last player in the 16-strong field after Thomas Bjorn withdrew.

In Joost and George we have two extremely talented and promising young men.  There are several more where they came from and you will be hearing a lot about them as well in due course.   From the older heads through to the young thrusters, we have never been stronger.

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